Open Forum 4: The Next Level In Golf Science & Instruction

A closed-door event where the brightest minds in golf get together once a year to share real-world advice and actionable knowledge, to improve the games of players at all levels.

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Access the latest breakthroughs in golf science and instruction. For the fourth year in a row, the top minds in the golf industry have come together to share their latest discoveries to bring any golfer to peak performance.

Through insightful panels and eye-opening presentations packed with tons of actionable knowledge, you’ll master the latest techniques, boost your skill level and discover all new results-driven technology to maximize your game or to better coach and instruct your golfing students.

The entire closed-door event has been recorded and is finally available for you to enjoy at your own pace and leisure. This exclusive membership includes unrestricted access to the recordings in digital video format that you can watch on any computer or mobile device.

Access the entire event in digital format for just $47

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Access the entire event in digital format for just $47

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Let the top minds in golf show you how to produce tangible improvements with the latest breakthroughs

  • Rob Houlding (Former GPA and Canada’s Teacher of the Year) reveals his teaching philosophy and details how he trains top players to move efficiently and use the ground to optimize power and repeatability. He answers the question “Why do all of your players have such beautiful athletic motions?”
  • John Dunigan uses real-world examples to demonstrate how to convey complex messages based on advance analysis using simple language even a caveman could understand. John brings to the table decades in the trenches teaching ordinary golfers (as well as tour pros) combined with extensive education in both the biomechanics of the golf swing (both forces and motion) but also the science of motor learning and skill acquisition.
  • Dr. Sasho MacKenzie gives us a never before seen look at planarity in the golf swing that completely shatters the myths based on the two-dimensional motion of the golf club. Sasho has been investigating the kinetics to the handle of the golf club for several years and shares some of his findings with the live audience.
  • Dr. Mike Duffey shares the latest case studies in biomechanics from the Penn State’s lab partnership with the schools PGM program. This presentation provides an underpinning for the understanding of the physics behind Ground Reaction Forces and why they matter to the golf coach.
  • Liam Mucklow, owner of The GolfLab, shares insiders techniques to maximize the performance of everyday golfers to a level that gets them excited to share their results with friends and colleagues.
  • Legendary golfer Chuck Cook (#2 on Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor List) in an eye-opening presentation, shares how technology and research have shaped and influenced his approach to golf coaching.
  • David Orr unveils his unique viewpoints on how the putting stroke will be viewed in the future, and how this new way of thinking completely destroy the notion of a putting stroke as either “Straight back straight through” and “Arc”. As David would say, this is not a beef or chicken situation.
  • Multi-participant panels that share a rare behind-the-scenes view of short game philosophy and how coaches diagnose golf swing issues for high-level players, and how they provide actionable advice that generates tangible results.
  • And much, much more...

Access the entire event in digital format for just $47

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